We are so excited and thrilled that our second location is finally open in the charming town of Ross in Marin county. It has taken some extra time to get it ready to open due to the Covid pandemic but at last we did it!

All Covid protocols are in place and we want to assure our guests that they can come to us and feel safe while dining on our pretty little patio and our soon to be built “parklet” which will be right in front of the shop. 

We are serving a delightful menu that spans Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Tea as well a vast selection of pastries and treats, many inspired by our favourite British classics! We also have our tea menu and coffee options using local roasters, Equator Coffee, so there is something for everyone. 

All our items are available for “take away’ and our coffee and tea selection tastes extra delicious because we serve them in our signature happy take way cups.

Ross Cafe

22 Ross Common
Ross, CA (Marin County) 94957





-We are open from 10am until 4pm Tuesday to Sunday. 

-Mondays we are closed. 

-We recommend reservations if you would like to dine in our patio garden as we are limited to tables due to Covid. 

-Our “parklet” will be perfect for walk-ins and a quick, spontaneous visit.

Ross is a small town located right off Sir Francis Drake Blvd between Greenbrea/Kentfield and San Anselmo. There is plenty of parking and a lovely green common to picnic and play on. The surrounding area has plenty to explore for both the natural beauty and the small towns surrounding it for great food and shopping. Make a day of coming to Marin County to visit us if you are not from the area!



Miss Amanda Elkins

Head Pastry Chef

Amanda, our head Pastry Chef extraordinaire! The queen of unicorn cakes and common sense! How we worship her! Amanda hails from Ohio… not long after culinary school she and her charming husband high tailed out of the mid west by piling all their worldly goods including their  little pooch Daisy into their hatchback and made their way to San Francisco,  those crazy kids! Her first stop Crown & Crumpet and we grabbed her! Amanda loves tattoos, fuzzy animals, baking, her friends and living in Beserkley!


Manager & Trolley Dandy

Andrew has been drinking the Crown & Crumpet tea-aid since we opened our Japantown location. We saw manager material in him with in days of opening and crowned him  the boss. He keeps us all on schedule, makes sure we are doing everything in the Crown & Crumpet way and regales us of his tales of high school at the School of Performing Arts with Mr Shu from Glee! When not brewing up pots of tea, checking in guests, serving, cleaning and bossing he can be found at the local spa getting a massage and dining in the Mission.


Trolley Dolly

Barbi was friends with Odelia, our Lolilta Trolley Dolly who has now sadly decamped to the southern state of Georgia. But since they both hail from Chile, when they landed in San Francisco, these tea loving gals supported each other in the maddening world of Nanny-dom. Now they both prefer to nanny our lovely guests. Barbi is an Instagram star with a massive following. She is a devotee at the gym which has transformed her into  a fierce but loyal gal who can eat copious amounts of our delicious scones because when not serving her fan base at Crown & Crumpet she is working out and showing us how to lift a 500lb barbell effortlessly! Her charm and strength endear her to us all .


Savoury Cook

Ross was rescued from the dregs of dreary high school..he started off, like so many great chefs as the dishwasher and over the years has had “on the job training” as a savoury cook and he’s doing a great job. He is our  protector of all things mechanical, analytical and judicial. With a mind that works like a mad professor he sorts us all out. When not working away in the kitchen concocting mini savouries and tea sandwiches he is teaching kids in Marin, martial arts as he is officially a black belt in Karate. Don’t mess with our Ross!


Party Gal & Favour Expert!

Elissa was only supposed to stay through the holiday season to help with the bookings for our Holiday teas at The Sir Francis Drake but when we realized, not only has she got unending patience on the ol’ dog & bone (Cockney for telephone) she is also a dab hand at crafty pursuits and can tie a mean bow. That was two years ago and we won’t let her go!  Elissa moved out to San Francisco from Baltimore where she was in charge of membership and visitor’s services at the Walters Art Museum. This was fantastic news as it means she can keep Amy on track with all the private party stuff. Amy is apt to digress in a million directions the minute she sees anything shiny or a squirrel, so thank goodness Elissa helps her stay focused!!