We welcome you to our little world of tea and general refinement. We do hope you will find moments of amusement whilst consuming the world’s second most popular drink. Communing with your friends, family, magazines and the sort, we wish you to be transported to a happy world where chintz is still chic, but just a bit brighter than you remembered. We want the food and libations to inspire you to think of lovelier and sometimes cheekier moments in your past and to slow down and forget about coffee.

If coffee is still on your mind we do serve the very fine artisanal coffee by Equator… we won’t mind you having this delightful hot drink instead of our beloved tea!

These are our most humble wishes for you, our friends. Please do us the honour and stay awhile, recharge and then go out to that fair world and spread the word of The Cup of Brown Joy!
Everyday we serve Light Luncheons & Afternoon Tea:
11:00 am to 5:15 pm